Stop Smoking Simply— Now and Forever

Powerful, New Anti-Smoking Techique! Beyond Hypnosis...

This easy, safe, natural, revolutionary, procedure—deveoloped exclusively by Nancy Ava Miller—combines the potent and time-tested elements and benefits found in Transcendental Meditation (TM), the original est (Erhard Seminar Training) program and, of course, hypnosis. Enjoy two, tranquil anti-smoking sessions with Nancy and learn skills you can then, if you wish, also practice and enjoy on your own—to relax or to employ specifically when life's pressures push you toward unwanted habits, compulsions, obsessions, addictions; push you toward sorrow, grief, depression, or a sense of loss.

Two sessions (approximately 1-2 hours each) - $295 total price.

Home-Hypno available! "House Calls" offered in Albuquerque or in East Mountains outside Albuquerque. Guaranteed to stop your smoking or you receive a FREE extra rendezvous with Nancy. (Certain conditions of agreement apply.)

Please call any hour!

Nancy Ava Miller, M. Ed, CHt

Certified clinical hynotherapist, Former Transcendental Meditation (TM) Teacher, sanctioned in 1973 by Maharishi MaheshYogi.

(505) 280-0116


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Nancy Ava Miller—Former school teacher, long-time hypnotherapist, and TM practitioner/former teacher. Expert in group hypnosis!

Experience freedom! Stop smoking today!

For appointments or for more information, call Nancy:

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